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How Does Head to Head Record Affect Soccer Betting Prediction?

Soccer, also known as football, is the most popular sport on the planet. This is one single reason why so many punters are drawn to it. Another reason soccer betting is so popular is that the sport is highly unpredictable. It is a thrilling experience both to watch this sport and bet on it. But winning consistently in soccer betting can be a challenge. This is why you should learn how to make predictz for today or tomorrow matches.

When it comes to making soccer betting predictions, past history or head to head record between teams are among the most important factors. In this guide you will learn how this factor influences football predictz for tomorrow and today matches.

Influence of Past History

Even when soccer is an unpredictable sport, there is a unique thing about it. History is highly likely to repeat itself. So when looking to predictz today or tomorrow matches, make sure to check past history of games between the two sides.

  • Check the records for which team won most of the meetings
  • It is possible that even a big team shows a long history of draws against a much lower ranked team
  • If there is a rivalry between the 2 sides, you may also see a trend in the records
  • When 2 sides are big rivals, it can often mean that any side can win, giving you access to big odds when you bet on the underdog





Importance of Head to Head Match Data

Checking head to head record between two sides becomes more important when one side has demonstrated extreme record against the other. Another scenario where it plays a big role in making predictz for tomorrow is when the two sides are rivals. If a team has much higher percentage of wins or losses against a certain team, this data can help you make easier predictions to win bets.

Such a record may be able to help you determine the reasons behind the trend in results. At the same time, it may surprisingly not be able to do so. Many times, there are intangible reasons or psychology involved in driving a trend in results.

It can in fact be difficult for you to identify the reasons behind a trend in match outcomes. So it is best to rely on expert predictz today matches to be able to win consistently. Such experts conduct in-depth research and evaluate a wide range of data to come to their conclusion.

Psychological Aspect

It is often considered that there is a psychological side to head to head records. It seems that everything comes together to ensure that some teams hold stunning records other others. Experts believe that a significant percentage of football and almost any form of sport is psychological. This is why it is often seen in sports that teams or players who may otherwise be great seem to touch an intangible barrier that prevents them from delivering their best performance.

One scenario to explain such trends and consistency in predictz for tomorrow is the general psychology of strikers:

  • Usually strikers are considered to be ‘creatures of habit’
  • There is big role of momentum in determining their performance
  • When the stats are shared with them about their achievements against a side, they feel uplifted
  • This can cause strikers to perform well and maintain their scoring record

There is the non-performer at the other end of the spectrum. A striker may have never or very rarely scored against a certain team. So when they know about this part record, they may not have the inspiration or momentum to deliver. This can cause them not to perform at their best levels.


Often, there is no clear trend in the outcomes between two sides. If they have very strong rivalry, it may be possible that the team that lost the last match may be more motivated to win the upcoming match. So motivation is also an important factor at play here. They may be looking to create a big upset and most punters may not realize it. This can help you benefit from some big odds and generate massive profits on your stake.


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Team Current Form

While head to head record (H2H) is significantly important, you should ensure that each side’s current form is also taken into account. It is a fact that when it comes to predictz today matches, it is not just the H2H factor that is at play. Team players and managers change over time and this can often mean that some changes in psychology and motivation also take place.

You should evaluate the current form of both the teams facing each other in the current match. In fact, this should be considered without concern which side has a reputation of being bigger or smaller.

Consider the following points with regard to this football betting factor.

  • Current form is a bigger factor in football than in most other sports
  • Make sure to check the outcomes of each side’s 5 to 6 games
  • If a team has a long winning streak on home field, you can predictz for tomorrow for them to win
  • Don’t just look at the number or percentage of games won, but also the number of goals scored and conceded

When checking the stats, you should look beyond the figures. If a team has won all its last 5 matches, it doesn’t really mean that they are performing at a very high level. It is likely that most of those wins were made against much weaker sides. If their upcoming match is against a stronger team, it is likely that they may lose it. Similarly, the team playing the upcoming match on the away field can also be at a disadvantage.

So you should consider all these points when making accurate predictz today. It is going to require lots of research, data collection, and evaluation on your end. It can be best to get the help of experts to win consistently. This is where you can rely on the tips and predictions from tipsters.

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